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Tie Your Tie

Silk Cotton Tie Repp Stripe 3 Colour Green

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Monk Facts

Only minimal lining has been used to make this limited edition piece of art, which allows for a small, neat knot, whilst the end is untipped; this tie matches best with either an elegant or relaxed sport coat.

Tie Your Tie is the brainchild of Florentine, Franco Minucci. In 1984, Minucci established a small shop in Florence in which he displayed only items hand-selected by himself, much of it consisting of items from his own wardrobe. He quickly became renowned in Italy for his impeccable sense of style and personal approach to retail. At Double Monk we only order Tie Your Tie ties in person, in Florence. We browse through fabric swatches, select the fabrics we like, then specify the construction, length, width and finishing that we would like. Each model is unique and limited to four units, that’s pretty rare!


- 50% silk, 50% cotton
- Cotton and wool canvas lining
- 3 fold construction
- Untipped
- 152 cm length
- 9cm width
- Made in Florence