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Histoires De Parfums

1828 Jules Verne

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Monk Facts

"He was born in Nantes, at the beginning of that century of discoveries. The close ocean took him far away, inspiring in him extraordinary novels of adventure. Inspired by the father of literary science fiction, this eau de parfum, breathes its aromatic Hesperides-like scents, just as a marine breeze over a wild heath."

In the above passage from Histoires de Parfums the "he" refers to Jules Verne. The "century of discoveries" refers to the 19th century, which apparently began in 1828. The "close" ocean refers to the Atlantic; the far ones being the others. "This" eau de parfum refers to the one we're selling and the "father" is the "he" and "him" of the previous sentences in the same paragraph. The words "breathes" and "breeze" are meant to alliterate somehow, though breeze in this case is a compound noun, which is "over a wild heath". The scent "breathes" as the "breeze" is "over". Understand?


Top Note: Grapefruit, Citrus, Tangerine, Eucalyptus
Heart Note: Nutmeg, Pepper
Base Note: Cedar, Incense, Vetiver, Pine cone