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Tie Your Tie

Fine Silk Tie Floral Blue

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Monk Facts

Tie Your Tie is the brainchild of Florentine, Franco Minucci. In 1984, Minucci established a small shop in Florence in which he displayed only items hand-selected by himself, much of it consisting of items from his own wardrobe. He quickly became renowned in Italy for his impeccable sense of style and personal approach to retail. Minnuci has continued his scrupulously curated philosophy in creating his own ties, working with the most skilful artisans and using the finest materials. Tie Your Tie has now established itself as the tie aficionado’s tie and with only a handful of each style ever seeing the light of day, each tie is a true collector’s item.


- Three-fold, fully lined construction
- 100% silk
- Self-tipping
- 152cm
- Made in Florence, Italy
- Care instructions: refer to Accessories Care