Saint Crispin's

Saint Crispin's

Saint Crispin’s typify old world charm and European elegance. Owned and run by Austrian, Mr Phillip Car, this highly sought after shoemaker caters to the desires and needs of our most demanding and specifically-minded customers.

Saint Crispin’s shoes are handmade in a workshop. They specialise in made to order shoes. They will happily make you almost anything you ask for. We haven’t ever seen a new pair of Saint Crispin’s that wasn’t made and finished to the nth degree of perfection. These shoes are constructed with individual oversight and represent a very special and rarefied corner of the international shoe market.

The styling of Saint Crispin’s is central European and quite distinct from the Northampton bench shoes of Crockett & Jones, Edward Green and John Lobb. Saint Crispin’s classically feature acutely beveled waists, sharply walled toe boxes, and tightly fitted, raised heel cups.

Saint Crispin’s require no surcharge for special orders and they distinguish themselves through their fast delivery of shoe orders, usually within 8 weeks.

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