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La Cordonnerie Anglaise

Flyer Kit Brown Suede

$375.00 $340.91 Excl. Tax

Monk Facts

A stylish, compact, travel kit, this includes:
2 lanoline cream polishes; 1 small polishing brush; 2 Bubinga applicator brushes; 1 nickel shoehorn; and 1 cotton chamois polishing cloth.

La Cordonnerie Anglais roughly translates as The English Shoemaker, though it is a Paris-based company. This French respect for English shoemaking has resulted in the finest range of shoe-care paraphernalia to be found anywhere in either country, or any other for that matter. Founded in 1885, LCA makes brushes, boxes and a range of kits, all dedicated to caring for beautiful leather shoes. These are heirloom quality products: you buy them, you cherish them, you keep them for a lifetime, then you pass them on to the next generation, they are just that good.


- Made from the finest Bubinga timber and calf suede
- Made in France