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Double Monk

Double Edge Razor Standard

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Monk Facts

The double-edged razor is a remnant from an age of shaving when men enjoyed a truly close shave. Unlike a safety razor, a double-edged razor has just a single blade, which means that the user can completely control the angle of the blade, slicing cleanly through the facial hair. Wet shaving is one of the cornerstones of a gentleman’s identity. This razor is an accessory that harks back to a time when a gentleman’s shaving regimen was a sacred ritual instead of a hurried chore.

Fashioned in Solingen, Germany, this razor is made by under the Mercur marque, a subsidiary of Dovo. Mercur are well known as one of only a handful of makers of premium wet shaving products and accessories.


- 100% Steel
- Chrome plated
- Razor blades sold separately
- 100% made in Solingen, Germany