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Cigar Case Light Brown

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Light Brown

Monk Facts

Few would argue that whipping a large cubano from your breast pocket is a smooth move. The only thing cooler is to pluck your fine cigar from a handmade leather cigar case. Made from Peroni’s trademark hand stained leather, this case also provides invaluable protection for your fragile cluster of tobacco leaves; practical and timelessly cool.

Fratelli Peroni was formed in 1956 by brothers Piero and Roberto Peroni. Both men had a passion for traditional Italian leatherworking and dreamed of producing the very best that their many generations of craftsmanship could offer. Nowadays, Peroni represents the highest expression of the ‘cuoio artistico fiorentino’, with the colouring, shaping and finishing of the leather all done entirely by hand. Anyone with a passion for beautiful handcrafted objects should own a Peroni masterpiece.


- Made from 100% vegetable tanned leather
- Available in other colours
- Made in Florence
- Care instructions: refer to Accessories Care