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Full Strap Slip-On Color 8 Shell Cordovan

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Monk Facts

We have a humorous name for this shoe in the shop, which is a re-arrangement of words in the original. See if you too can match the puerility of our team.

We carry this loafer in a C-width, which is narrower than usual. The reason we do this is not for fitting ideals, it’s instead because it optimises the appearance of the shoe. This model penny loafer is very low-cut in the sense that the shoe doesn’t come very far up the bridge of the foot. It also has a large heel. These features contribute to the shoe’s very elegant court-shoe appeal. It’s not like something from the late 18th century, but it’s on the way – and that’s not a bad thing.

The fit isn’t actually that narrow, it just squeezes the toes a little bit if properly fitted. And of course, it’s great in the heel, unlike some loafers. We carry it in color 8 and that’s the way you want it.


- Penny loafer
- Horween Cordovan upper
- Single leather sole
- Van last
- US C width (narrow fitting)
- 100% made in Middleborough, Massachusetts
- Care instructions: refer to Shoecare Guide