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Thiers Issard

Straight Razor 5/8 Spartacus French Nose Bocote

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Monk Facts

Using the beautiful ‘Spartacus’ marque, this razor makes wonderful use of the angled ‘French nose’ profile. This shape allows the shaver to shape his beard with great accuracy, but it makes the razor much trickier to use. The blade is Thiers Issard’s ‘Singing hollowed’ grind, made from their C135 carbon steel. The phrase ‘Singing hollowed’ comes from the resonant sound of the blade going across the face. The singing hollowed blades are so finely ground that the blade seems to ‘sing’ as it cuts the hair from your face. The scales are made from the striking ‘Bocote’ hardwood. The C135 steel is named for the 1.35% carbon in its composition. This is a very high ratio of carbon, which makes the steel extremely hard, meaning that it is more difficult to sharpen than a standard razor but that it also holds its edge better, staying sharper for longer.

The small town of Thiers, France has been a knife maker’s hub for countless generations. Pierre Thiers founded Thiers Issard in 1887, using his wife’s name to differentiate the company from the many ‘Thiers’ families in the town. Pierre was renowned as the greatest maker of razors in France, as well as a master blacksmith and cutler. These days Thiers Issard still make some of the finest French chef’s knives, but they are one of only two or three companies that still make high quality straight razors. The Thiers Issard razors are forged and then hand ground to order and only the purest carbon steel is used.


- Blade 100% C135 carbon steel
- ‘Singing hollowed’ blade
- Scales 100% bocote
- Available in other colours
- Made in France
- Care instructions: refer to Accessories Care